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Do you love me ? I asked the students, yes hotgoo yes yes ma'am. If your fingers away from me this afternoon, hotgoo and continued to beat, until everything is hot and humid and it was very hard to hotgoo remember that ? oh yes indeed, it was okay I asked his mother to forget her thirst for the right direction. wel now, I said let's try something else, - I showed him the black leather straps and short -Oh, God, I will beat your ass with the belt again, I said that if you have an accountant, so new belt, two belts when you say again - if you can not bear to just stop counting, stop - you follow? Yes Mistress, kissed her on the mouth and thirst 'good girl' Then clutched his neck and hand holes in the master stocks and closed shut. Quite an audience of voyeurs had been collected. Master held her bare ass was protruding was high - hit the ass cheeks and told her to open her legs more - they did it immediately and was teaching him all about tthe public. I saw Master put his hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy. He nodded his head, was tied to her back and ass - Whack - silence - MasterCard fingerd her more - suddenly said, very clear and firm A - Master took his hand - Whack - the two became almost immediately rubbed himself as a teacher is something else - when she said five - now she was screaming and writhing - I could see the juice runs on the inside of the legs as the teacher touched her fast and hard now - WHACK sixth race, not crying , but six that used to control run as a rodeo - Gee Gee cum seventh day the teacher said aloud. let him out of the field and picked her crying was easy - kissed him - Did you enjoy that love, hotgoo I asked -Oh God hotgoo Oh God was his usual response - which is the most brutal I've cum was. Mild applause from some of the bystanders, while the crowd dispersed. I followed her in my arms for some time, until they stoppedTremors. right now for the Master said Gransden end of his first day as our dog, he said. She stared at him, said a gaenological examinaton. We took it easy in the ' medical room ' The table was stirrups and all. I helped at the table and put his feet in the stirrups. Master turned the knob and his legs began to separate. Well, if on the table face up with legs hotgoo apart, and feel almost immpossible, much less away from him. I know because my teacher has been on the table several times. We were a little back and looked at her pussy wet and shiny - just a small room and several people were pushed through the door to get a view - n ow, said the teacher - the highlight of the day - more.. Ah, well, we inform you about the end of the day, the next time.. Boy kissing moment
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